Íñigo Toledo, designer of Sasga Yachts

The Menorquín is a special boat, with own personality, the result of a long tradition and passion for the sea

You have been designing boats for more than 20 years, being involved in projects of recognized prestige. How was the Sasga Yachts experience?

My collaboration in the new Menorquín range has been rewarding. Sasga Yachts has been really tough on their demands and they have pretty clear what they want for their brand.

For example, the Menorquín 34, the smallest model, was a real challenge. Her size and specifications forced us to treat ergonomics in detail. The result has been extraordinary, being awarded with 2 Best Boat of the Year Awards.

On the other hand, the Menorquín 42 is a great value boat and perfect for yachting around the Mediterranean Sea.

The Menorquín 54 has been a bestseller. Every SY 54 is an authentic jewel since the shipyard provides the possibility of customizing them. It is suitable for transoceanic navigation that stands out for her manoeuvrability and functionality.

Finally, the Menorquín 68 was a forward leap to bigger lengths. Our goal was to create a great yacht without losing the Menorquín essence. We are sure that we have successfully met these expectations.

What does it mean to yacht aboard a Menorquín?

The Menorquín means peace, subtlety, style and comfort. Unlike other shipyards that work in serie and creating similar products, the Menorquín is a special vessel, with own personality, the result of a long tradition and passion for the sea. Yachting aboard this stunning boat is a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Menorquín has experienced a huge evolution throughout her history. How does technology fit in a classic-styled boat?

The hulls are built by vacuum infusion process and sandwich system providing a robustness and lightness incomparable with the old Menorquin Yachts. In addition, the new interior architecture sets a radical change, the interior design allows more habitable space on the saloon and larger cabins. There is not any doubt that the new range is more lighter and efficient.

What improvements have been incorporated in the Menorquín range for the last years?

The design and interior finishings have been developed looking for the functionality. We have gone from a classic look with darker woods to a fresh and brighter touch, although all versions are available. Likewise, we also work to improve the lifespan of our boats. Durability is not always taken into consideration and for us it is a priority.

Tell us about your future projects…

From the engineering office, we keep working on several projects of Sailing and Motor boats, for Spanish and foreign customers. Some of them are unique units, others in series. We always tend to learn something new of them to apply in the new Menorquín models. We are always working in pursuit of new improvements for the range and the excellence.

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